October 1975 Cedar Ave Over Crossing

The view below is a common one around here, Dad was adept at SP hunting and when he could, he would pop in to West Colton to see non SF Bay Area (home) Southern Pacific.

Photo of Southern Pacific Railroad engines from Cedar Avenue Over Crossing
Cedar Avenue Over Crossing

Personally, I enjoy “looking” at the image for location clues, back ground stories and any people that set the scene.

Snip of slide one showing VW Bus and Ford Pick Up driving on to teh on ramp.
VW and Ford Pick Up

The Smog is there and trash along the on ramp as usual although it is typically less today.

The Type 2 VW and the F100 are revving up to board I-10 West as what seems to be an East Bound Volvo 242 heads past.

Pole mounted telephone box and flowering ice plant.
Call box

There is a phone box at bottom right among the flowering ice plant, possibly the prettiest natural element here.

Snip of a red Ford Maverick in teh background.
Ford Maverick

I noticed a Ford Maverick to the east of the Volvo in the fast lane.

Snip of Google view from the same general spot.
Google View

The current Google (best I could get) view shows the taller trees and smog free air that was available that day. The caption is the live link and you may want to zoom around there to compare the modern cars and things.

Close up view of the Southern Pacific railroad engines from above.
Zoomed in on the talent

The talent of the shot is snipped here. I think dad would have liked today’s world of digital cropping and Google street views.

I can almost hear him saying, ” Goddamn it ! There is always a damn ploe in the way”! …-rk

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