April 1968 SP 475 CABOOSE

Railroads did a lot of recycling.

I mean I think its an old Harriman type car by the shape and roof but maybe it is purpose built? Google failed me.

From box cars used as storage, to flat car bridges over maintenance vehicle drive access and the Maintenance of Way crew cars railroads got their money’s worth of their assets.

This little fella looks pretty tired in 1968. I am assuming that it is a recycled passenger car turned Caboose but this is where a comment can help educate me.

There is a photo here as well from the rrachives.

Also note that this would have been made with Dad’s Rolieflex camera that he gave away ,,, grr.

Also note that Dad and brother both had a habit of slanted photos. Not sure if they had one leg longer than the other or a list issue but man, so much straightening to fit the photo frame only to see the +/- 2 to 3 degrees ha ha !

Southern Pacific passenger car that has been turned into a caboose.
SP Caboose 475

Anyway, comments that help educate the guy that has all this stuff (who was 3 1/2 years old when this image was made will help me learn.

Thanks …-rob

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