SP 4003 – ALCO RS 32 March 1971

Black and white photo of Southern Pacific 4003 engine near a highway underpass.
SP 4003

This print has a dated frame making it March of 1971. I feel like this is in Southern California, Sierra St. Colton, CA , but that areas has changed a lot.

I looked at the rrarchives again and found a little rabbit hole of the history – I highly recommend it .

For those that are making models I have added a close up here of an interesting detail :

Close up of the number boards of SP engine 4003 above the cab
Up close on the brow
Close up of side lettering showing Kern and vertical alignment issues of letters.
The Wavy SP

I find little slices of details are helpful when one looks at an era for models. Weathering is one thing….but the this is a unique “Wave” lettering scheme for sure.


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