May 85 Number 6 & 8

A Caboose always humanizes these images for me.

After all a boxcar full of stuff doesn’t have a personality outside that of the logo, for me anyway.

Here we are in the Ozol, Ca area again with SSW Caboose 50

Caboose SSW50 & SP engine 2624
SSW50 with SP2624

The interesting difference between the posting here at the RR archives is color and condition. Also notice the welded up windows. If I recall, Dad mentioned that the crews were getting shot at and the reduction of openings was for safety.

I wonder if anyone can confirm this ?

I also appreciate the D&H box car “snip” and of course SP 2626 that. according to teh RR Archive was revived by the UP in the 90s .

SP 2624 a SW1500 with a Caboose
SP 2624 SW1500

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