SP 7903 & 7927 June 1972

SP 7903 & 7927 June 1972

U30C both built in 1968 – no location

OCT 70

Slide 26
Slide 14

So these are really great to me. So much color and texture and details in these retired coaches.

These slides are mounted in thick plastic which is interesting too.

Being nosey I zoomed in on the brake wheel to read the lettering.

Seems Miner is still around : https://www.minerent.com/index.php but be careful they have all sorts on interesting features there like the boxcar rotate : https://www.minerent.com/products/interactive/interactive.html and you will spend too much time playing around there.


MAY 72 – Keeping it orderly

Funny how Dad never marked any slides so when I came to these I was almost surprised. But not really, the 4000s were special as far as I can tell and I guess that the fact that we can read the engine number in the image was too obvious. I don’t know where these were taken but I still bet on the San Jose, California area.

SP 4004
SP 4005
SP 4006
SP 4007

SP 4003 JUN 72 – Don’t park here

If you are old enough, you have experienced the slide show with one slide that always pops up sideways.

Its usually a really good shot too.

Strangely I managed to take the first image to illustrate the point and the iPhone manages to save it sideways – it must be destiny.

Anyway, scroll down and you can see the proper image (sorry about the fuzz and dust its from 1972 after all.

SP 4003
SP 4003

SP 4008 OCT 72

Found a box of SP. When I say a box I mean a copier paper sized box full of Kodak slide boxes – see below. The marking says SP + SP Special three boxes. Looking at the first slide I’d say they are pretty likely to be special

SP 4008
SP 4008

David Hardie © May 1979

My Dad’s friend David Hardie, seems to have made several duplicates and shared with him over the years. I usually don’t scan those and share since I don’t own the content, but I scanned this one in my assembly line and it’s worth a share.

Captioned Milw 117.C N Oconto, Wi – © David Hardie