Donner Pass about 1977

Here is a little snip from about 1977. Starts with Fred 4 and shows Amtrak, UP and the Santa Fe.

I’m aware that there is no way that all is on Donner Pass but I can’t tell where the desert areas are.

Still it’s interesting to me

March 1976 MAR-IND

How about this scene for a modeler’s inspiration?

That font is so stylish and hand painted I am sure

SP 1335 and 3187

Also the J.B. Sherr Co Wholesale adds a nice reverse space in classic 70s brown.

Struck out on Sherr.

I did Google around and spotted a Feb 15, 1983 Note in the NY Times:

“Amfac Inc., a diversified company based in Honolulu, said its Distribution Group had acquired the assets of three subsidiaries of Supply Corporation International of Houston. The units are the Tyler Dawson Supply Company, T-D Group and Mar-Ind Supply Inc. Terms were not disclosed.”

Also one was in San Diego :


MAR-IND. SUPPLY OF SAN DIEGO, INC. is company based in NATIONAL CITY, CA 91950, California. This company was established on 2000-08-17 and registered under entity number C2258912. MAR-IND. SUPPLY OF SAN DIEGO, INC. was founded8142 days ago.

The company is classified as FTB Suspended

So I am unsure if this is Oakland California but I suspect it may be.



JUNE 1976

Looks nice and warm wherever it is

I wish they were location tagged but if you have any ideas please chime in. These will all go to the SP Historical Society and it helps them to have them located,

Thank you

SW 1500

I have stated before that I always like the actual workers and teh SW1500 by EMD is right there among the best. I recall Dad and brother would curl their lips and snarl “Just a Crud” and begrudgingly they would snap a photo.

Perhaps I felt sorry for these workhorses and they do remind me of the good times in rail yards all over the US. These images are also not location marked but I believe they are in the SF Bay Area from October of 1975

This link : has a nice detailed spec sheet of these common hybrids and it helps to realize their minimal configuration for yard duties.

Here’s to the Cruds =clink=

SP 2654
SP2656 and SP2535

SP 2571 October 1975 Slide #4

SP 2571

Alright reader I need your help placing the location of this slide.

The building in the background and the interchange make mw think Oakland but I am more often wrong than right in these things.

I like to use the original scan to look for clues. It’s 4.5 MB and I use a 32″ TV screen to play detective.

Things of note the new GM’s – Oldsmobile I think – for 1976 are open to the air – not clad to avoid damages and the Dr. Pepper logo above the “5” is probably not official. The engineer has his long sleeves rolled up, glasses a watch and a wedding ring.

The building is quite distinctive and quite formidable but I cannot place it at all.

I’m back

UP at Ozol

I’m back – well winter is coming and days are shorter so it makes sense.

We were at the Martinez Ca waterfront today and I had to snap the picture above. Still odd to see UP all over the place when SP was the last thing I saw here many years ago.

This unit was sitting there with three others but being on the shady side this was the best I could do.

I’m going to say this is almost new it’s so clean and no graffiti or any sign of fuel spills or bugs on the glass. Dunno for sure what the story is but I kinda like it