June of 1972 at Bakersfield, California ATSF facility.

ATSF 3301,3264 and 3375 at Bakersfield, California.
ATSF 3301,3264 and 3375 at Bakersfield, California.

November 1972 ATSF 9809

ATSF 9809 at Barstow, California in November of 1972.
Alco RSD15 Barstow, California

It’s November of 1972 and Fred was visiting Barstow, Pentax and zoom lens in hand, visiting the ATS Barstow shops. Also partially visible are ATSF 25 and ATSF 4579.

ATSF 25 Appears to be a freight F3B but someone will have to verify since I cannot locate ant information beyond this link and that looks to be Warbonnet; so I don’t know.

ATSF 4579 seems to be a SD26 but again my Google Skills have me asking for input on this as well.

Anyway, hope that this looks okay and you enjoy this image as I do.

ATSF 2087 Caboose

I like the warm colors of this one, also from April of 1973.

Cabooses have always been good image subjects and this one is no exception. Note the LOCAL designation. The inspection black block stenciled in white has 9-24-72 (maybe and 8 ?) and that helps explain the very fresh look to this bit of history.

ATSF 2089 Caboose
ATSF 2087