SEP 72 Slide 29

BN 4241 and SP&S 4361

4361 looks as used up as this slide. Reminder to scan and save before we all fade !


OCT 70

Slide 26
Slide 14

So these are really great to me. So much color and texture and details in these retired coaches.

These slides are mounted in thick plastic which is interesting too.

Being nosey I zoomed in on the brake wheel to read the lettering.

Seems Miner is still around : but be careful they have all sorts on interesting features there like the boxcar rotate : and you will spend too much time playing around there.


Port of Astoria – Aug 1975

SP&S Railway engine 4068 at the Port of Astoria pier no. 1
SP&S 4068

Dad’s beloved SP&S RY was chock a block with interesting equipment.

Here we see SP&S 4068 {an Alco RS3} at the Port of Astoria, Oregon in 1975.

I tried teh Google man for a now/then view but was disappointed that he doesn’t go there.

That Pier face seems to be gone too & the Port is listed as a Cruise Terminal :

Dad on cruises once: ” Yuk ”

Old man had a point.

SP&S Fred’s favorite

Golly it’s been a while!

I have been remiss in posting so I did a random grab from the Kodak pile in the footlocker that has quite a few “little yellow boxes”.

Here is OCT ’70 someplace on the SP&S – Dad had H.O. version similar to this at one point and I can see why.

Wood boxcar turned into a sleeper
SP&S X -339