SP 2571 October 1975 Slide #4

SP 2571

Alright reader I need your help placing the location of this slide.

The building in the background and the interchange make mw think Oakland but I am more often wrong than right in these things.

I like to use the original scan to look for clues. It’s 4.5 MB and I use a 32″ TV screen to play detective.

Things of note the new GM’s – Oldsmobile I think – for 1976 are open to the air – not clad to avoid damages and the Dr. Pepper logo above the “5” is probably not official. The engineer has his long sleeves rolled up, glasses a watch and a wedding ring.

The building is quite distinctive and quite formidable but I cannot place it at all.


SP 4008 OCT 72

Found a box of SP. When I say a box I mean a copier paper sized box full of Kodak slide boxes – see below. The marking says SP + SP Special three boxes. Looking at the first slide I’d say they are pretty likely to be special

SP 4008
SP 4008

David Hardie © May 1979

My Dad’s friend David Hardie, seems to have made several duplicates and shared with him over the years. I usually don’t scan those and share since I don’t own the content, but I scanned this one in my assembly line and it’s worth a share.

Captioned Milw 117.C N Oconto, Wi – © David Hardie

SEP 77 Milwaukee Road

Sometimes Dad would organize by company when sorting slides for Friday night slide night at Iron Horse Hobbies. This box must be one of those. As usual, the slides are only marked with the Kodak mount date but I recall that year’s trip was in August from home to South Dakota on another meandering route.

I have always liked switchers and these are no exception. The shadows and textures of the first two contrast nicely against the fresh looking paint.

The last two are washed out – I skipped Photoshop this time – but they are a study in weathering and details.

I can smell the creosote and oil on the ties. The smells of my childhood.

Milwaukee 622
Milwaukee 692
Milwaukee 694
Milwaukee 694 Truck


Spokane Portland & Seattle 700 “Indian Pass” Great Northern

As far as I can tell this is in Portland. There is a similar car images here in Como, but the big building & Coke sign tells me Portland.

Usually I can find something on the Google machine that tells the story of named passenger cars. I went on the Railway Preservation News and got this :

P-S, 1950, Lot #6828:

One Car, Plan #4107, 1950, 8RM-4S-4DB “Pass”-Series:

SP&S #700 “Indian Pass”. No disposition information whatsoever.

SP 4001 JUN 72

I think we are in San Jose or Santa Clara but I don’t know. What I do know is that in June of 72 we lived in Burlingame and Dad worked in the San Jose office sometimes so I base my guess on that alone.

The website that I get information from is http://www.rrpicturearchives.net and it’s not looking good today so I cannot state what type of engine this is. I mean I can guess its an Alco product but I am unsure.

Uh ho
SP 4001
SP 4001

September 1977

Milwaukee EMD SDL39 Number 590 was only a toddler when these were taken – born 11/72.

As far as I can tell this unit eventually spent the crazy 80’s & 90’s on the Wisconsin Central and there is a note about the Soo Line as well.

All three were favorites of Fred’s so it seems fitting somehow.

Personally, I like teh clean lines and proportions and the short range fuel tank too.