February 1984 – Colton Yard California

We drive past Colton yard when we go visit my mother in law in Palm Desert so I recognize these near Cherry Ave.

February of 1984 would be cool days and colder evenings in the very busy Colton.

They are on a loop so I hope that you can stop them and zoom in for details.

So much variety back then.


Run by October 1984

Desert run by in October of 1984

Not sure where but must be in Southern California – maybe towards Tehachapi, California .

I can almost smell the exhaust

May 85 Number 6 & 8

A Caboose always humanizes these images for me.

After all a boxcar full of stuff doesn’t have a personality outside that of the logo, for me anyway.

Here we are in the Ozol, Ca area again with SSW Caboose 50

Caboose SSW50 & SP engine 2624
SSW50 with SP2624

The interesting difference between the posting here at the RR archives is color and condition. Also notice the welded up windows. If I recall, Dad mentioned that the crews were getting shot at and the reduction of openings was for safety.

I wonder if anyone can confirm this ?

I also appreciate the D&H box car “snip” and of course SP 2626 that. according to teh RR Archive was revived by the UP in the 90s .

SP 2624 a SW1500 with a Caboose
SP 2624 SW1500

Full Circle

Hi again, been a while.

We moved back home in April and I finally have time to post. We have been unpacking and remediating the mess left by the renters and making improvements and setting up the garage and offices and working from home and and and !

Strange how moving back to your childhood home can make you think.

For example, there are some taller trees here about and the road names are the same but they are not as ingrained as they were when they were on my paper route.

Occasionally I am struck by the same difference from 1974 to now. The bad memories are stifled and the good surface more often lately.

Interestingly, “my” office was my late brother’s bedroom and then mine in the early 2000s and Dad’s (Fred III)’s office after he retired.

In this same room these same slides were stored for years.

They were sorted and thinned – but not labeled ( Thanks Dad ! )

And now here I am sharing these same slides. Is it weird? Yeah, it is. But it’s sure nice to be home.

Many of the SP slides are in a foot locker – like an Army one – that I think was my Uncle’s from World War 2. Its stuffed with yellow boxes and therefore it’s a grab – bag to start posting from again.

MAY 1985 in Oakland, Ca. I suspect a "museum" move of some sort. SP 3765 lights ablaze at Jack London Square.
MAY 1985 in Oakland, Ca. I suspect a “museum” move of some sort. SP 3765 lights ablaze at Jack London Square.
MAY 1985 in Oakland, Ca. I suspect a "museum" move of some sort. SP 3765 lights ablaze at Jack London Square.
My beautiful picture

Yes it’s a little blurry – I thought it was me but it is – still kinda neat and it “feels” fast.

Hope all are well

JULY 1990

As I have said before, Dad’s favorite was the SP&S Railway.

After he retired he and Mom headed to his beloved Pacific Northwest and went looking for “signs of life”.

It seems that they found it

SP&S Passenger Car "COLUMBIA" turned into a diner.

Sadly COLUMBIA seems to have lasted in place until 2006 according to the RRARCHIVE and Google Map.


Things change but the above still ranks as an “artsy fartsy” shot as Dad used to say.

May 1971 SP&S RY. 4362

Engine 4362 Alco C636

I didn’t adjust the colour and all that this week. There is something about admitting that May of 1971 was so long ago that its a little yellow.

Note the UP cat in the background with the kooky 1970’s typeface (font)

Alco made always bring a smile so it counts …-rob

Photo by George Berisso

Dad didn’t buy many slides but there are three here from “The Rail Image” of Denville, N.J. that I wanted to share.

They are of Dad’s beloved SP&S and each is fascinating in their own way

Oh and who amongst us have not put in a slide backwards !

SP&S 100
SP&S 314
SP&S 803 & 804