Desert Running

I’m visiting the desert this week and it’s 102f in the shade.

I’m reminded of the days of summer travels with Dad and Mom and occasionally Brother Fred across California and Nevada and Utah.

The hot super dry air kicks my ass more now than then; I’m spoilt by ocean side living these last few seasons.

Yet the familiar sage, sand a Roadrunner that has been around the back yard throughout the day make me think of the long days on Hwy 50 “chasing” trains .

The road would humm under the G78-15 tires and the brick like aerodynamic shape of Harvey ( the truck ) made a jet like background noise.

There was usually a scanner blasting through an 8ohm dynamic single speaker facing the transmission hump and a Ford Factory speaker facing the windshield, searching for an AM signal that would drift in and out.

This image is from later years I suspect but it’s nostalgic as it is going to get on an iPhone.

UP 8444 leading an excursion .