Spokane Portland & Seattle 700 “Indian Pass” Great Northern

As far as I can tell this is in Portland. There is a similar car images here in Como, but the big building & Coke sign tells me Portland.

Usually I can find something on the Google machine that tells the story of named passenger cars. I went on the Railway Preservation News and got this :

P-S, 1950, Lot #6828:

One Car, Plan #4107, 1950, 8RM-4S-4DB “Pass”-Series:

SP&S #700 “Indian Pass”. No disposition information whatsoever.


Before and after Portland, Aug 1975

So lets see, 2019 – 1975 = 44 years !

Well I tried to get this lined up but Google Man will not walk down the track.

Still it makes sense to try the Before/After Slider Thing but you can see the spot here better on your own.

Maybe Google Man doesn’t want to crew with the track group spotted here in 2019.

MILW 5800 is a U36C according to the RR Archives and was scrapped in 1985

So let’s see 2019 – 1985 = 34 years !