May 1973 Port Chicago, Ca.


Port Chicago was the scene of a horrid War Time disaster :

With the excellent assistance of the Facebook page “680/24 Corridor History” I learned about this ATSF Station photographed at Port Costa, California. Since it’s a Private Group”, I’ll summarize here.

The station was located here

Map with marking from internet shared by Greg McKinnion
Greg Mckinnon Photo
Satellite view of the main Street and Waterview in Port Chicago, California from  Google
The little google man doesn’t go there

Roger Colton, a dear friend of Fred IV was able to explain that the station final fate of the structure ” It got cut in half and barged to Susuin City. Sat there for years on the dock before it got burned for fire department practice.

Though sad about the passing of time, the addition of all these details from real people that know the story is why I take the time to share these images. I appreciate you all. …-rk


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